Almaza Bay

Nestling on a bay on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Mersa Matruh (often called Marsa Matruh in some holiday brochures or occasionally spelled Marsa Matrouh) is less than 149 miles west of Alexandria and can easily be reached by air through Matrouh International Airport or Burg El Arab Airport in Alexandria. Whether you spell it Mersa Matruh, Marsa Matruh or Marsa Matrouh this small harbour town and the newly developed Almaza Bay Resort Complex are great places for a holiday in Egypt! Founded by Alexander the Great, it was used as a port by the Egyptians of Ptolemaic times, the Byzantines and the Romans. It is justly renowned for its four and a half miles of exquisite soft white sandy beaches and the calm, gentle, azure waters of its bay which is enclosed and protected by a natural rock harbour. Almaza Bay is just a short drive from Mersa Matruh and the International airport, and is the perfect location for all inclusive Egypt holidays. It is a relatively unspoilt and tastefully developed Egypt holiday resort that offers virtually constant sunshine and calm waters. Mersa Matruh is well connected to other towns and cities like Alexandria and Cairo by road and rail. The town enjoys a lively, relaxed, night life and atmosphere boosted by the fact that it’s becoming popular as a get-away for residents of Cairo escaping the capital city’s sweltering summer months. During World War II, the railway station named Marsa Matruh was the terminus for the British 8th Army’s single-track railway which shipped men and material to El Alamein, where Rommel’s offensive against the allied forces in the western desert ultimately ground to a halt. Rommel's Cave, which the Desert Fox used as his staff headquarters, is also close to the town and has been converted into a museum.
Almaza Bay Resort
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